Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Of All the Stadium Possibilities What’s Best for Our Aztecs?

Day after day it seems there is another article or commentary about a new stadium solution. There is a wide range of viewpoints. One letter to the San Diego Union-Tribune from an “Aztec fan” said he was dumping our Aztecs because they won’t support the SoccerCity plan. Ridiculous! 

Without delving into all the political aspects, who’s stealing from whom and the other accusations, let me tell you how I feel. 

First of all, I love Aztec Football, am very pleased with the progress we’ve made under Rocky Long. Being ranked #25 in both major polls at the end of the 2016 season is proof of that progress. And I am convinced the best is yet to come, IF… 

If the Aztecs have a suitable stadium for their games. While Qualcomm has been good for us in many ways, it really is too big. Now one of the options is a soccer stadium seating only 30,000. Too small. The average home crowd for Aztec home games last year was 37,000+, with three games drawing more than 40,000. With this year's schedule and Aztec success, it should increase. 

There are other factors. An expanded campus versus housing and a shopping center? How much money invested and by whom? But I will leave that to others. 

My viewpoint may be simplistic, but as a rabid Aztec Football fan, I just know we need a bigger stadium than a soccer stadium to succeed. For successful recruiting. For revenue. Maybe it's 45,000 – 50,000, but not soccer size. And the bigger stadium is a must for the long-successful Holiday Bowl. 

From a San Diego sports standpoint, Aztec Football must have an appropriate stadium, just as the Aztec Basketball program has accomplished in our on–campus arena. 

30,000 is not enough (photo by Ernie Anderson)

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