Sunday, January 8, 2017

Aztecs Basketball Fans Have Been Spoiled

With the solid basketball program Coach Steve Fisher has established at San Diego State, it has been easy for fans to expect near-perfection, After all, winning the Mountain West Conference is almost automatic, right? A trip to post-season games, a natural follow-up, but a disappointment when it’s the NIT and not the NCAA last season.

OK, a bump in the road. Heading into the 2016-17 season, it was clear the Aztecs were ready to take a big step back up. Recruiting had been great. The challenge would be, how do you find enough playing time for all that talent?

So where are we now? Dead last in the MW at 0-3, with lots of obvious problems to solve. And disgruntled fans already taking snide shots at our team.

What happened? Anything we can do to recover? Although it’s never supposed to be used as a valid excuse, there have been several injuries – most damaging, those to Malik Pope and Matt Shrigley. Less definitive has been the seeming loss of tenacity that made the Aztecs sure winners if they were close at the end of the game. Not this year. Without taking shots at any individuals, there has been far less consistency overall.

Is there a solution? Is it too late? Hard to say, but obviously that ls the job facing Steve and his staff. Personally, I believe they will do a good job and this team will take some major strides forward.

My hope is that Aztec fans, spoiled though they may be, will not turn their backs on our team. Instead, give them the full support they need in their efforts to turn this season around. Ask Steve. He says fans play an important role.

Tuesday night is a home game against San Jose State. Winnable, yes, but the improved Spartans just knocked off Fresno State Saturday night, so don’t take it for granted. If you can, be there to support your Aztecs!