Saturday, August 31, 2013

Aztec Football Is Here!

After all these years, I still get fired-up before every Aztec game -- especially when it's the first game of the season. We don't really know for sure what to expect. So, as always, no pre-game meal for me; too excited!

Tonight is our 2nd game vs E Illinois. The Aztecs won 40-7 in 2001. Panther QB? Tony Romo. Aztec Larry Ned ran for 285 yards, 4th all time. Tonight the Panthers have another highly regarded QB -- Jimmy Garoppolo. Good test for our new CBs.

Akbar Gbaja-Biamila celebrates after sacking Tony Romo; Larry Ned picks up some of his 285 yards. Both photos by Ernie Anderson

Aztec Village. 3:30. Tonight. Before Sky Show game with EIU. SDSU Bookstore will host a book signing for "GO AZTECS!"

Adding proven offensive touch of Bob Toledo to solid leadership of Rocky Long, you have formula for success. Watch for at least one trick play! More if that first one works.

This will be my 732nd Aztec game, and I hope you will be there, too!

KGB Sky Show tonight, and it's always spectacular. Here's the display from the first Aztecs night game in 1930!

Go Aztecs!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pass Fest

Much as I enjoy Aztec scrimmages, like yesterday's FanFest, they always leave me with mixed emotions. A good play by the offense? I worry about our defense. A brilliant defensive stand? Then, what's wrong with our offense. 

One thing for sure: the addition of Bob Toledo to the staff makes a huge difference! The very first play was a 70-yard TD pass from Adam Dingwell to Colin Lockett. When was the last time you saw the Aztecs try that, let alone succeed? No doubt, Adam is a solid #1 QB. And Colin, with another TD (55 yards) and 227 yards, proved he's ready!

Adam Dingwell throwing a 70-yard TD bomb to Colin Lockett on the first play
Then you get back to my opening conundrum. Two defensive INTs for TDS and a QB sack for a safety. Good defense? Careless offense? And running backs? Of course, we did not see Adam Muema. But none of the four who played really caught your eye. They totaled 128 net yards among them, which isn't bad considering the passing emphasis, yet no one looked like a lock on the back-up role.
Cody Galea sacks Quinn Kaehler for a safety
Overall, I sense an even more intense team spirit than last year, when our Aztecs accomplished so many good things. In addition to Rocky's proven leadership and the solid coaches returning, I'm convinced the addition of Bob Toledo adds another step in our continued march to even greater success.

I'll resist any looking ahead with comments about the game in the Midwest because we'd better take care of business first against Eastern Illinois on August 31, complete with the KGB Sky Show.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fan Fest Today

Aztec Fan Fest at the Q today! Gear sale at 3:30; scrimmage at 5:00. Admission is free. Get your first look at 2013 Aztecs.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Haven’t We Met Before?: Eastern Illinois

After having fun re-living some highlights in 91 seasons of Aztec football history since June 1, my son Ken convinced me we should establish an Aztec blog. So, here we go!

With the opening game against Eastern Illinois not far away, let me resort to the age-old caution of coaches everywhere: the Panthers are NOT chopped liver. They won the Ohio Valley Conference last year with a 6-1 record, and look to be even better this year. So don't assume this will be an easy win. But we WILL win!

Last time the Aztecs played EIU was 2001, and the QB for the Blue and Gray was Tony Romo. Aztecs won, 40-7. (So much for advance warnings.) Aztec RB Larry Ned scored 3 TDs and rushed for 285 yards.

Akbar Gbaja-Biamila sacks Tony Romo; Larry Ned gains some of his 285 yards in 2001 (Photos by Ernie Anderson)
This game will include the KGB Sky Show, which always is spectacular. So the crowd will probably be the biggest of the year. But I always hate to see how many arrive late, really there for the fireworks. Sometimes, we've even found the escalators still set for UP after the game has ended! My hope is the crowd will be there to see our Aztecs, and then stay for the Sky Show.

Highlight of the original “sky show” game in 1930

Go Aztecs!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Here Come the Aztecs!

I haven't forgotten about 2013, my 68th season of Aztec football! I'll be posting my thoughts after each game, beginning with game #732 vs. Eastern Illinois on August 31.